Curious about the name HackitZ?

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Mission Statement

HackitZ provides High Quality computer repair, virus removal and maintenance for both home and small business at a fraction of the price as other companies. The customer is our first priority. Our goal is to be transparent in fixing the problem, and honest about the time and cost it will take to resolve your issue. We are customer service orientated and believe the customer comes first.Curious about the name? Click to to read why I used the name HackitZ

The Name HackitZ

From a young age I was curious how things worked and what made them function the way they do, this included electronics, watches and pretty much anything with a moving part (this did not impress my Dad, sorry Dad). I have always wondered and tried to make things better, like modifying and disassembling most everything my Dad ever owned. so rather then using the name reverse engineering I used a name that I feel more covers what can be done with a computer. That is how I came up with the name.

Where it all began

I have been a computer user and builder for over 12 years, covering Windows 95 to windows 7, Linux and mac os. I hold certificates for both Windows and Mac with the last three years speclizing on the Mac os. while working on Mac computers I was the lead tech for networking, printing and in depth troubleshooting.

My involvement with windows has been the core of my experince, I have been involved with beta testing since windows XP and had a hand sending reports to microsoft to improve the final version. This involvment has lead me in being apart of every version of windows during the development stage until now with windows 7 (just around the corner). I have a keen understanding of how windows works and how to make it safer. Since March of 2007 I have been a windows Tech Net subscriber wich gives me access to some of Microsofts technical tools. Which in return helps me keep on top of the latest issue's.

Windows Certificate

My focus for all my customers is to help and guide you through some simple things that can be done to ensure you do not need to call on tech support every month. I have been running my system for over 7 years with out a virus and can show you what it takes to keep your information safe and your computer virus free.