android top 10 apps How cool is this? they also go by Matrix Barcode.

I just used the word matrix without quoting the movie.

Lets go over the history of QR Codes.

QR Codes we're created by a subsidiary of Toyota, Denso-Wave in 1994.

QR actually means Quick Responce and if used can be a very fast way of getting people to a web site, for text, a phone number, SMS and what ever else you can imagine. Why not give it a try and make a QR code.

follow this link and have fun.

Uses for QR Codes

I will cover a few ways of how to use and why you might want to use a QR Code.

Want to send a secret message to a few people?

Grab your phone, open your QR reader and take a shot of the QR code below.

You could use this as a game, message, joke or anything else you can think of.

qr codes

I typed that message in the QR Code generator and now I can post this on a blog, send the image in an email, post it on a forum. The only limit is your imagination.

One thing to keep in mind is the more text in a message the larger the image will be. Try not to resize the images created as it will make the QR code unreadable.

How about storing your contact info?

Store your contact info on your blog, website or any other online place. Remenber it's just an image so you can even host it on your picassa site.

qr codes

Go ahead and scan the code to get an idea.


As QR Codes become more and more popular It will be intertesting to see how they are used. One artist (Fabrice de Nola) has already started to add QR codes to his paintings, check it out here, look at the eyes of the header image.

Feel free to leave some comments, and some other ideas for what a QR Code could and /or be used for.

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So many new apps are coming!!

It has been reported that android just hit 30,000 apps. Yeah i know it's still way behind the iphone, but I do suspect that this number will double by christmas. The way I look at it is you can install an application from bluetooth, usb, download from your phone and more, so it will make other sites pop up as time goes on to sell apps.

Just read an article that even AOL is getting in on the android app business and has developed 2 apps already. ;-) Yeah I know who is still using AOL. L0L