android top 10 apps
Ok i've had enough

I'm not an xperia fan anymore

If this is what sony has as a flagship device

I'm jumping ship now !!!

You may be asking why I'm so down on the X10
android gingerbread 2.3

Well first I'm going to start with the fact that this overpriced phone will never get any version of android above 2.1 offically. So getting Android 3.0 is not in the cards.

But that is not the main reason I'm moving on. The fact of the matter is I dont like the feel and form of the phone, the phone has curved sides that blend the back into the front face which makes it feel like i'm going to drop the phone. The phone is made of cheap feeling plastic (my opinion). For a phone that is a standard size for smartphones today, it seems much bigger than the meer 119mm x 63mm.

The fact is I feel my releation ship with Sony Ericcson has come to an end for know, wich makes me very sad as I have only used SE phones since my first in 2000, the t68i (for the time that baby was da bomb). I have had almost every SE phone since then and have loved them all.

I love android but

ok follow me here, i buy a 500 phone and 6 months later it's running an old OS and lacking the new features and updates that one would expect. Hell I would even pay a small fee to be able to keep my smartphone current with the latest version of Android. I don't expect major upgrades to be free but at least an option that i can choose. I'm not an apple fan and would not buy one, but this is one area as a regular consumer Apple has the right idea. They update and upgrade all version of there phones the best they can. So your 3 year old iphone 3g can still run the latest version of ios. Now when hardware changes are implimented that don't allow this, it makes sence that if you need/want the latest and greatest you would then need to upgrade your hardware.

Now this is not something Android can take full responsibilty for, but they should keep a better leash on the hardware manufactures. What i mean is, hardware manufactures should be held to specific guide lines for each and every model of phone they make to run the android os. For an example, all hardware should be upgradable to at least the latest current version. So if the phone was shipped with Android 2.+ it can be updated to the latest version of Android 2.+. If a major upgrade comes like Android 3, we should have an option to buy an upgrade link. You see Sony, HTC, LG and so on think that we as consumers buy a product based on the silly little piece of software they write to put on top of Android. Like Xperia's mediascape, timescape addon, I don't like it and never used it. This is not saying it's not good, some users might like and love this feature. But I'm confident that most consumers buy based on looks and brand recognition not some addon that can take months to impliment into an os. Why hardcode these features? These should be apps that can be preinstalled and indipentdent of the os. this way when an update comes out the time to get it to the hardware manufactures and updated to our devices is be much faster. This is where I feel Android needs to step in and have some kind of policy that would keep all manufactures on the same playing field.

Android Confidence

So at this point in time Android (google) has a strong enough market share where implimenting some key hardware guide lines could and should be implimented. If Android wants to gain more market share and become the leader they need to allow us as the consumer to not have to buy a whole new device just to get the latest in security and features. I personally feel this will be the straw that holds back android from getting the better of the smart phone market.


I`m done ranting for now.

So off to see what`s worth my hard erned money, maybe win7?

Feel free to leave some comments, It`s always nice to here some elses point of view.

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So many new apps are coming!!

It has been reported that android just hit 30,000 apps. Yeah i know it's still way behind the iphone, but I do suspect that this number will double by christmas. The way I look at it is you can install an application from bluetooth, usb, download from your phone and more, so it will make other sites pop up as time goes on to sell apps.

Just read an article that even AOL is getting in on the android app business and has developed 2 apps already. ;-) Yeah I know who is still using AOL. L0L