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Xperia ZL (c6506)

If you are the proud owner of the Xperia ZL

I have some good news for you!

I have made a rom for our Xperia ZL that has better battery life, Plus a little more responsive.

Why I did this

android gingerbread 2.3

I love the phone but the first thing i noticed was app's i know I'll never use, so I removed them.

So what started out on a quest to remove bloatware has turned out to be a project on making Android run better on our Xperia zL.

All Bloatware Removed

Here's a list of what I called bloatware on the Xperia ZL. There's more that can be removed, but I'll leave that up to you and to do that you can use titanium back.

  • EnchantedForest
  • FBCalendarSync
  • FBIAppShare
  • FBMediaDiscovery
  • FBMusicLike
  • helpapp
  • MagicSmokeWallpapers
  • POBoxSknMono
  • POBoxSknPink
  • POBoxSknSelector
  • POBoxSknWood
  • SEMCFacebookProxy
  • SemcUnplugChargerReminder

  • Other App's removed that can still be added from Google Play Store if Needed.
  • mcafeesuite
  • neoreader
  • officesuite

  • Improved power management

    Added some tweaks to manage the battery better and improve performance.

  • build.prop tweaks
  • Added use of init.d tweaks
  • Tweaked the installer-script

  • Excited Yet?

    If you are interested in trying this out.... Head over to the XDA Forum and follow my post their, that would be the best place to ask questions and get help if needed.

  • Follow this guide here.

  • Downloads
    Version .244
  • Downlaod HackitZ-XperiA_244_Beta1 Beta1, untested use at own risk!

  • Version .423
  • Downlaod HackitZ-XperiA_423_stock V1.4
  • Downlaod HackitZ-XperiA_423_stock V1.0

  • Version .253
  • Downlaod HackitZ-XperiA_253_stock V1.0

  • Version .434
  • Downlaod HackitZ-XperiA_434_18_toggles V2.0
  • Downlaod HackitZ-XperiA_434_18_silver_toggles V2.0
  • Downlaod HackitZ-XperiA_434_docomo_toggles V2.0

  • Each version is a little different, the main difference is the toggles.

    xperia t lt30a
    Fine Print....

    nexus s

    if you are unsure on how to flash a rom, root a phone, answer a text or use an android phone you may want to do a little reading before you begin.. If by chance you mess up or I upload a rom that messes up your phone you ultimately are on your own and take full responsibility for anything that happens to your phone. So all jokes aside take care and read if your unsure, Have fun.


    If you are new to the whole android scene, please spand the time to understand what you are doing and what is at stake. If you take the time to read and understand the lingo you should be ok.

    All the info you need to be able to install this ROM is avaiable at the XDA.

    Feel free to leave some comments.

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    So many new apps are coming!!

    It has been reported that android just hit 30,000 apps. Yeah i know it's still way behind the iphone, but I do suspect that this number will double by christmas. The way I look at it is you can install an application from bluetooth, usb, download from your phone and more, so it will make other sites pop up as time goes on to sell apps.

    Just read an article that even AOL is getting in on the android app business and has developed 2 apps already. ;-) Yeah I know who is still using AOL. L0L