How to remove Check Disk and/or CheckDisk

You can download a copy of MalwareBytes from here!

Not Again

So here we go again, I suspect this sort of program is not going anywhere soon. So we as users need to make sure we are protected and keeping an eye open for this sort of malicious program. The worst part is we really don't know what to look out for right! Well I just want to say this and take iot for what it is. Stop using LIMEWIRE, it's a haven for malicious programs, software, viruses and everything else bad for our computers.

Check Disk or CheckDisk manual removal:

Following the directions below have worked for me as of 27-11-2010, I will update this guide if the steps to remove Check Disk or CheckDisk change. If you have trouble following this guide feel free to post a comment below.

First things first

  • You will need some software.
  • Try and download ATF Cleaner by Atribune from here, saving it to your desktop. It is used to cleanout temporary files used by the computer.
  • Then downlaod Malware bytes from here, saving it to your desktop.
  • try this link if you are unable to unzip the file above.
  • Both of these downloads are designed to run and do not need to be installed, so as soon as you click on the .EXE file the program will run.

Reboot into safe mode

  • Restart your computer.
  • After hearing your computer beep once during startup, start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard.
  • Instead of Windows loading as normal, Windows Advanced Options menu appears similar to the one below.
  • When the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, select Safe mode with networking and then press ENTER.

Now that you are in Safe mode, run ATF

  • When ATF starts choose the bottom option to select all files.
  • After this has run you can close the program.

Now run Malwarebytes

  • Now MalwareBytes may ask to check for updates, do not as we are mot connected to the internet.
  • Go ahead and run the quick scan.
  • When the scan is finnished make sure there is a check mark in all the boxes to the left of each item, see image below.

Time to reboot into windows normally

  • Ok lets take this time to understand how this slipped by your security.
  • Make sure you have anti-virus and some sort of malware/spyware protection.
  • Make sure your anti-virus has not expired and do a full scan now.
  • I recomened ESET anti-virus, do a google search or I have a link on the home page.


If after following these steps you still have an issue, feel free to post below and I will do my best to help.

Best of Luck.

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