How to unregister DLL files.

1. What are DLL files?

DLLs are dynamically linked library files. DLL's are programs, the reason they have the extension .dll are these programs are linked to different programs and run in the background. You never click on a dll to run a program. They are called upon by other programs. An example would be you when you start your computer and Explorer starts up and you then get to see all the windows and icons, well the icons are stored in a file called shellstyle.dll. Explorer starts this Dll in the background.

2. Why is it important to unregister malicious DLLs?

DLLs contain information essential for a computer to function properly. just like the example above.
Deleting DLL files is a risky deal, you want to make sure you remove the right one as removing the wrong wrong will most likley afftect your computer. The worse case senerio would be deleting a Dll that is used for a program that you only run once and a while. You may forget what Dll you deleted and not realise that you deleted that Dll 2 weeks ago. Take when deleting DLL files and unless you are following a guide I recommend you leave them alone.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty.

Open Command Prompt window Vista/Windows7

Click the “Start” button and type either run or CMD into the search box, at this poin t it would be easier to type CMD and hit enter. This will open the Command window.

Open Command Prompt window XP

Click the “Start” button and select “Run” option. Type “cmd” into the “Open” field and click the “OK” button.

Unregister malicious DLL file

Type “regsvr32 /u filename.dll” into the Comand Prompt window and click “Enter”. “Filename.dll” should be the name of DLL file you want to unregister.



If after following these steps you still have an issue, feel free to post below and I will do my best to help.

Best of Luck.

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How to unregister DLL files.