Xperia X1

Hi everyone, I just updated some of the working software I have used.

I'm writing this guide for me and maybe it will help someone in the future.

I updated my rom (mobile operating system) maybe a year ago and never really cared for my xperia, but for the price was kind of stuck with the phone. I was running a custom rom with winmo 6.1 and it was just to? well old. what I mean is 6.1 is like using a phone from the 90's.

My xperia is from rogers and the reception has always sucked and the blue tooth reception was crap, and the battery life sucked. But I lived with it as I needed a phone and was tired of flashing and trying new roms. The great news is I have been looking for a new rom the last few days and came across Gtrab's 6.5 pure SEX1 Release 5 R5.07 follow this link to the rom.

All I can say is WOW this rom and now my phone rocks!!!!!

Battery life is great, reception is through the roof, full bars in the basement now and before had none. Don't let me forget to tell you about the speed, can you say Lightning!!!! Yes I know that sounds corney but WOW is my phone fast now.

But before we get ahead of ourselves let me give you the instructions on how to upgrade.

  1. First MAKE SURE YOUR BATTERY HAS A FULL CHARGE, now lets download all that you will need in order to flash your rom. Hard_SPL_X1_V1- And of course download Gtrab's pure 6.5...that is all you will need!
  2. Extract the HardSPL somewhere on your pc, you might as well extract the rom file somewhere on your pc too. As you will notice the files are compressed and you can use winrar to extract them. Just remember where you have extracted the files.
  3. Connect your phone via activesync to your pc. this part is easy as windows should install and do this all on it's own. If you ahve any issue's with active sync you will want to search microsoft or google for the answer.
  4. When you are connected, (I let it finish synchronising one last time, to ensure all of the data on my pc was up to date with the current data on my phone), you then go to where you extracted "X1_HardSPL.exe" and you run it... Make sure your phone is connected when you run X1_HardSPL.exe.
  5. Follow the instructions on the phone, at some point it should say something like "Image Version: what ever you have" to "1.00.X1" When asked, press "Yes" on the X1
  6. Now a Tri-color screen should show up, showing some version Information After that, a progressbar screen will be shown and the phone will reboot when finished Click "Finish" on the PC. To check if you succeeded, turn the device off (long power button press). Then hold the volume down button and turn the phone on again, still holding the volume down button until the Tri-color screen shows up. It should read something like

    • KOVS110
    • SPL-0.72.OliNex
    • MicroP1-787
    • MicroP2-707
    • Remove and reinsert the battery to exit bootloader mode
  7. You completed the first step and are now able to flash the Rom the your Xperia. The good news at this point is the steps above only have to be done once. You can if you choose flash and reflash your phone following the stpes below only.
  8. Now you should at this point have a file called kovsimg.nbh, this is the Rom. Make sure your phone is off and remove the back and battery. Now Lets remove the flash card, put this small flash card in the adapter and plug it inot the computer. First make a back-up of the contents on the flash card. easiest way to do this is drag all the files to a folder on your computer.
  9. Once you have made sure the flash card is safe to be erased, go ahead and format the card as fat32. If you are unsure on how to do this read below.
    • With the card connected open my computer and find the flash card.
    • Right click on the drive and select format.
    • You will see a new window, in this window make sure file system is fat32, leave the quick box check and click start.
    • You have now reformated the flash card.
    • FYI, my flash card was fat32 and until I formated the rom would not update. Better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Ok lets now open up the flash card and copy kovsimg.nbh to the card. now lets remove the flash card from the computer.
  11. We can now reassemble the phone, insert the flash card, put the battery back in, put the back cover on. Leave the phone off.
  12. Lets flash the rom, hold down the volume down button and press the power button while still holding both of these buttons until the tri-color screen pops up.
  13. You will now be asked if you want to continue or cancel, once you continue wait about 3 to 6 minutes.
  14. When you see the screen say "Succesfully updated", you can then go ahead and remove the battery and reinsert it. don't power it up yet.
  15. Do not skip this step!!! This may result in errors!!! Do a hard reset: Hold down the two silver buttons directly under the screen, while holding them down push the power button, you should then be presented with a screen that asks you to press "R" to reset your go ahead and flip open the keyboard and press "R", when it completes it will ask you to press "Spacebar" to restart the device...go ahead..
  16. You are done!
  17. You have now flashed your Xperia....after it restarts please note the first time it starts up again, will take longer than normal, you will notice some fixes being aplied and you will also be presented with the same screen as when you bought the phone, tips, set up the time and re-sycning the stylus.
  18. I would like to send out a big thank you to XDA-Developers as this is where I have gathered all the information and tips on how to flash your Xperia.
  19. If you have any questions or need any help head on over to or drop me a line here.

Ok let's move on to why I have started this guide,

and why I recommend using Gtrab's pure 6.5 rom and no I don't have a connection to Gtrab (he is the guy who put this rom together), I have just personally found this to be the fastest and most stable. So to have a better Xperia and one that's kick ass, it's possible, I will also keep an up to date list on what software I use and what software not to use. You will alos find alot of Cab file that can tweak your Xperia and I will post what I have found can make or break your Xperia stabiltiy. I have already flashed this rom to my phone 2 times and would like to save you the headache of trouble shooting speradic issue's.

The ones you want to stay away from are


If you find yourself needing help check out the forums, If you are afraid and not sure if you can do this drop me a line and I'll see if I can help or post a comment below.

Best of Luck.

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