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and that it shed some light on an issue that is occurring within the Mixed Martial Arts World. There is however another issue that has made more headlines and has significantly brought much more public opinion as to whether or not this particular fight should occur.

If this fight does occur, where will it take place and should it happen right away or shall the UFC let fans salivate over the idea of this “super fight.” I am of course talking about the “super fight” between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva.

This past weekend we saw Anderson Silva display his exceptional skills in all aspects of the sport. His Muay Thai, speaking specifically about his game in the clinch is nothing short of extraordinary (just ask Rich Franklin and many others.) His stand-up which includes his boxing and kickboxing is deadly and his take down defense and his guard is better than average. The first question is, will Yushin Okami pose much of a threat to the Middleweight Champion Silva (In all fairness, Okami did beat the champion but it was by disqualification)? If he doesn’t then who will in the Middleweight division will give him a challenge? Does Silva have a better challenge at 205? Please read on for more details!

that Georges St. Pierre

is one of the best athletes in the history of the sport. His game is so well rounded that it is difficult to pin point one certain aspect that he needs to work on. Most recently however there has been one knock on the report card of GSP and that is his ability to finish fights (as stated by our fearless leader of hackitz.com). You can watch his fights with Josh Koscheck and most recently Jake Shields to provide you with evidence of this. The most recent knockout he had was with a smaller fighter in BJ Penn in which St. Pierre totally dominated from the words “get it on” and it was evident that BJ Penn was outclassed in this fight. There may be people that say, Georges St. Pierre is such a great athlete that he can work on his boxing to improve this. Or, he doesn’t need to knockout people because he is so well rounded. Many people might say that after his fight with Nick Diaz there is no one in the division to challenge him so just move up already.

Unlike Silva however, there does appear to be some unfinished business within the Welterweight division. You only have to look within the same country and that is rising star Rory MacDonald. His impressive win over Nate Diaz and his TKO over Mike Pyle showcased some of the skills this young contender has. Wouldn’t it be something to see this fight on the next Toronto card? Even the first two rounds of Rory MacDonald fight with Carlos Condit showed that he is a very viscous and dangerous fighter. An all Canada match up for the next UFC event in Toronto between the legend Georges St. Pierre and the up and coming kid from Kelowna, British Columbia Rory MacDonald might be something for Dana White to mull over.

George St. Pierre and Silva?

Somewhere down the road this will happen. It is something that MMA Fans want to see and I believe that Dana White will give the fans what they want and that is for this fight to happen. It’s hard to tell the timeframe of when this will be because it is dependent on a lot of things. However, there are a few questions that I propose to you as readers. Do you think this fight will happen between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre? Or do you think that there is unfinished business in both of these superstars’ weight classes.

We can also talk about another possibility that may be even more interesting and might have fans drooling over even more. Another potential super fight at 205 between Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. As we have seen, Silva has breezed through the 205 division so far, what is stopping this from happening? Jon Jones has a body and poses many unexpected surprises that are a part of his arsenal much like Anderson Silva. This one could be one for the ages and if Jon Jones walks through his next few fights with Rampage and possibly Rashad Evans or any other contender, this pipe dream could become a reality.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I look forward to hearing your take on the subject!

All the Best,

Kevin Nigro

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