sync outlook with android
Sync Android with OUTLOOK!!!!

Well I have some great news!!!!!

As you can imagine this will change everything!!!!

If you have owned a Sony Ericsson phone before you may be familiar with this!!!!!!


Our friends at FJ Software Development have updated there MyPhoneExplorer software to work with Android and yes it works with outlook.

I have used MyPhoneExplorer for some time and made the mistake about 2 years ago and bought a nokia, then moved back to SE with the first Xperia the X1. while using these phones I really never had a need to look for other software to sync as the X1 was based on windows and synced well on it's own and Nokia used there own software which was good enough for the short time I owned the phone (wife has it now and is still using it). So this brings me back to MyPhoneExplorer, someone posted in the comments under the Gmail sync guide and was asking about a way to sync to a computer and not share their info on the cloud. I first thought the answer was no and did a quick search to only come up empty handed. well tonight I was cleaning up my bookmarks, i always open them to see if i still need it or it the link still opens. This is how I came across MyPhoneExplorer. when I clicked the link it opened and I was reading and saw that the new version supported Android. Well the rest is history...

So I share with you a great piece of software that does the jjob and does it all for the amzing low price of FREE.

can you imagine FJ does all this and just shares it with us for free, so I would kindly ask if you could please donate. In this fats paced world it so easy to just hit and run. Just think of how much time and fustration this software will save you and give back. What was that movie a few years ago? Yeah that's right Pay if forward.

It works trust me!!!

android contact sync 1 First thing you will want to do is download the desktop software from here.

android contact sync 2 Here is a peek in the settings. You can change where contacts and calenders are synced, and it also works with windows contacts.

Now you need to get the android App.

If you have your phone beside you or near, you can use the QR code below. if you are unsure on what this image below does check the android market for a barcode scanner.My phone explorer for android

Jump on your phone and use the QR code above or just search for My phone Explorer in the market and install.

Now that it's installed you can run the program. I have included a screenshot of what you see on the phone. All the settings are controld=ed from the desktop software. I have not tried the usb connection and most likly wont as the wifi connection has been working for me with out any issue's.

Presto you have now set up your android device to keep all your contacts in sync with Outlook.


android contact sync 1I hope you find this as exciting as me. and jump on over to MyPhoneExplorer and try it out.

Download link
Forum link

The developer of this is German but he has included an English section in the forums. see you there!

If you find the article helpful and/or missing some info, feel free to fill out the form below.


Comments are always welcomed, love to hear what the readers think. If you have left comments and don't see them. that's because I changed the comment script.

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So many new apps are coming!!

It has been reported that android just hit 30,000 apps. Yeah i know it's still way behind the iphone, but I do suspect that this number will double by christmas. The way I look at it is you can install an application from bluetooth, usb, download from your phone and more, so it will make other sites pop up as time goes on to sell apps.

Just read an article that even AOL is getting in on the android app business and has developed 2 apps already. ;-) Yeah I know who is still using AOL. L0L