How do you do this?

The first thing you will need to do is root your phone. (you can find a guide here.)

You could then install a terminal application and type away.

or you can install Titanium Backup!!

If you have not heard about this little gem (Ti Backup), let me say today is your lucky day. Ti Backup is one of the best applications for backing up your android smartphone. Check it out here!!

You may be asking why use a piece of backup software to uninstall Apps? The simple answer is Ti does the job and does it well. If removing Apps is what brought you here, then you will end up with a piece of software that does two things very well.

To install Titanium Backup you can search the market or use the QR code below.

Ti Backup

Not sure what a QR code is? Read about QR codes here.

If you have any experience with Ti Backup, feel free to add your thoughts below.

Lets begin..

android contact sync 1

Make sure you run the backup before you start.

Ok when you open Titanium backup click on Backup/restore, you'll then see the same windows a the picture to the left.

You may be asking your self what can i remove. well the good guy's over at Android 4 Market have created a list of the default apps.

android contact sync 1

Once you know what you would like to uninstall just select the name and you will get a pop up like the picture on the left.

You will now see an option to uninstall, be aware if you remove the wrong app you can leave your phone useless and a reinstall might be nessecary. So if you are nervous or unsure of whaqt to remove you might want to leave it until you can find more info on the application you are looking to remove.

Also you can always search google and see what others are removing.


android contact sync 1

Make sure you backup your smart phone before you remove any application.

Titanium Backup is free with a paid version, which has a few more features. You can read about the advantages here .

Please remember that removing any application from your smart phone can have a negative affect on your device. So do this at your own risk. Do some research if you are unsure. Google is a great place to start!


If you find the article helpful and/or missing some info, feel free to fill out the form below. Or perhaps you know of an easier way.

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So many new apps are coming!!

It has been reported that android just hit 30,000 apps. Yeah i know it's still way behind the iphone, but I do suspect that this number will double by christmas. The way I look at it is you can install an application from bluetooth, usb, download from your phone and more, so it will make other sites pop up as time goes on to sell apps.

Just read an article that even AOL is getting in on the android app business and has developed 2 apps already. ;-) Yeah I know who is still using AOL. L0L